Testimonials From Recipients

"I don't usually buy stuff for myself... It was nice getting something for me, especially being a single parent of 3 children"


"It will be nice for me to have a gift to open this Christmas. I usually do not get anything for Christmas. This made me very happy and grateful!!! Thank-you."


"I never think about me, I am always thinking about my daughter and what she needs, its nice to get thought of and receive something for yourself that you wouldn't be able to do!!"


"I was shocked at the number of items - even the purple nail polish!! I wear it all the time and to have that specific colour in the pillowcase - I felt like an angel was looking over my shoulder. Every item I am cherishing and giddy about. Thank you so very much

" The fact that there was thought for me as a mom. I always put myself last, because that's what moms do, but it was great because I felt special myself too."


"The children come first, and with with money in short supply, I was blessed with a gift... slippers are great since my feet become inflamed due to my arthritis."


"I valued every single item in the pillowcase. All items in there are very useful to me and I am so grateful for whomever sponsored this program." 


"Emotionally it has opened my heart to the kindness in this world to the families that need help."


"I received the pillowcase gift and was overjoyed! The purple nail polish - that is my favourite colour; the slippers, pyjamas, and every other goodie was such a wonderful surprise and I love you guys for it! Being alone sucks but your compassion doesn't make me feel that way."