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The Pampered Pillowcase is an organization that provides a "Pampered Pillow" to women within shelters/centres within the community. This pillowcase is filled with items such as pyjamas, slippers, manicure kits, blankets, etc., things that will make a women feel special and ultimately pampered.  


Why It Matters

Women in centres/shelters rarely ever feel appreciated. These women very often feel disconnected from their society, and alone. A gift like The Pampered Pillowcase shows these women that the community cares about them, and no matter what they are going through, someone is thinking of them. Receiving a pampered pillow is a powerful reminder for a woman that she has not been forgotten, her community is thinking about her. 


For those donating, this is an opportunity to give back to your community. It is a small gesture, but definitely has a huge positive impact. By contributing to this, you become an active member in your community and a positive contributor to society. The feeling of helping others is also very satisfying and will encourage others to give back as well. 



The Pampered Pillowcase was founded in 2014 by sisters Lexi, Amanda, and Avery Benlolo.






York Region, ON 
Toronto, ON 
Aurora, ON 
Kingston, ON 
New York City, NY 
Long Island, NY 
Suffolk County, NY
Fair Haven, NJ 
Nashville, TN 
Dallas, TX


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