Make A Pampered Pillowcase

STEP 1: Purchase Your Pillowcase

  • Please make sure it is a new pillowcase

  • The pillowcase can be any colour or have any pattern; The more colourful the better!

  • Should be a standard size pillowcase (approximately 22 by 32 inches

It's Easy To Turn An Empty Pillowcase Into A Pampered Pillowcase!

STEP 2: Fill Your Pillowcase

Think of fun little things that you would like to receive yourself!


Please Do

  • Remove all price tags

  • Include only new items


Please Don't

  • Use an oversized or undersized pillowcase

  • Do not include food products



Ideas Of What To Include:

​* (must be included)

  • Pyjamas*

  • Slippers*

  • Cozy Socks

  • Lotions

  • Lip Balm or Nail Polish

  • Small Cosmetic Bag

  • Brush/Hair Accessories

  • Small Accessories

  • Pretty Scarf

What Not To Include:

  • Used Goods

  • Anything Opened

  • Razors

  • Food


STEP 3: Drop It Off

STEP 4: Share!

  • Check where your local drive's drop off location is

  • Make sure you are aware of the deadline

Post a picture with your Pampered Pillowcase and tag @thepamperedpillowcase on Instagram


  • Use the hashtag #pamperedpillowcase to spread awareness

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